Knights and Dragons Hack – Proffessionally Coded – v1.1_01

I am really proud that I am finally able to share my awesome own coded Knights and Dragons Hack with you! It has costed me hours even days to finish this Knights and Dragons Hack! It is one of the shares I am most proud of. Before I released my Hack tools only on gaming forums someone may know me under my username “AL4DiN”, if not than remember my name! With this Hack I started a new adventure within the game hack industry. That’s also the point why I’ve created this website. I wanted to reach more people with my hacks! Before my hacks were only avaiable to a small group of people! Now my tools are shared all over the world! ANYONE can download it for free! Let’s get straight to the point here are some screenshot of my Knights and Dragons Hack:
knights and dragons cheat

knightsanddragons hack

knights and dragons hack

As you see! This is an really advanced tool which contains some awesome features! It has an inbuild updater which updates the tool whenever an update is avaiable! The Device-Connect will work with any IOS and Android Device. The Knights and Dragons Hack is able to detect which device are you using for example an HTC One so it will use the right script which is matching to the firmware which is running on the device. You can be sure that this is the only knights and dragons hack which is actually working! None of the other hacks are working as described. Our Hack is well coded in c++. I’ll guarantee you that you won’t regret downloading this Knighs and Dragons Hack.

Features of our Knights and Dragons Hack

  • Generate unlimited Hearts
  • Generate unlimited Gem’s
  • Generate unlimited Gold
  • You can Enable Anti-Ban to be sure that your game Account won’t get banned.
  • Choose proxies from four different locations
  • Device Connect so you are able to connect to ANY IOS and Android Device!
  • Inbuild updater so you don’t need to download an newer version manually!
  • Well Coded C++!

How to use our Knights and Dragons Hack

1.Download our Knights and Dragons Hack from the Download Button below.
2.Extract the archive to any location, be sure that the two .dll files are in the same folder as the .exe.
3. Open the executable file “Knights_and_DragonsHack_v1.1_01”
4. The inbuild updater will now try to find a new update. As soon as a new update is avaiable it will download automatically!
5. After Finishing the main tool will open
6. Before using make sure you android or IOS device is plugged in!
7. If your sure that your device is plugged in click on “Connect Device” and wait till its finishing
8. If everything has worked smoothly you can enable anti ban and I’ll suggest using a proxy!
9. Then just fill in how many Gold,gems and hearts you want an click on patch!
10. Wait till it’s finishing.
11. That’s all!



Sometimes it’s getting 2/53 or 1/53 thats only because this hack is connecting to an database which is marked with a red flag by some AV’s.

We wish you a lot of fun with our Knights and Dragons Hack!

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